Hello world!

Hello! We are the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

We are a UK charity currently based in Brighton. We help to support survivors of the Bhopal disaster that occured in December 1984 when a huge cloud of poison gas 500 times more toxic than cyanide spewed from a factory belonging to Union Carbide Corporation.

The Bhopalis have endured 26 years of unimaginable suffering, an injustice never righted, crimes unpunished, and a community that most of the world has forgotten.

Today in Bhopal, 100,000 people are still chronically sick from the effects of that night, while some 30,000 others are ill from contamination of their wells and stand-pipes by chemicals leaking from the abandoned plant, which remains derelict and full of poisons. Union Carbide and its owner Dow Chemical continue to deny responsibility for the poisoning and refuse to clean up the factory.

We fund the Sambhavna Clinic which has treated more than 35,000 people to date. This provides essential free healthcare to Bhopali survivors. We employ over 60 staff, roughly a third of whom are themselves gas survivors. We carry out valuable studies, inform, educate and train people in gas-affected communities to monitor their health. Working to a principle of ‘first do no harm’ we have pioneered new treatments combining modern medicine with traditional ayurvedic herbal medicine and yoga. Our work has won a string of humanitarian awards.

We have never accepted funding from companies or corporate trusts who are directly responsible who the suffering of the Bhopal people.

In the Bhopal Medical Appeal ‘we’ don’t ask ‘you’ to help ‘us’ help ‘them’. The Appeal and the Sambhavna Clinic are shared efforts between those of us who are survivors, those of us who run the Clinic and the Appeal and those of us who support the effort with our money and by volunteering our skills or just our enthusiasm. This is our vision, that all of us are equal in an unbroken chain between supporters at one end and gas survivors at the other. Our sincere thanks to those who have been part of it. The people in Bhopal have a lot to give back to the rest of us. Let’s carry on the good work we’ve begun together.

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