Will justice ever be served?

Today India’s Supreme Court has rejected a request to re-open the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster case in order to impose harsher sentences on the accused. Last June minimal jail sentences were given to seven former managers of the Union Carbide plant for negligence.

The case was made to increase the charge to culpable homicide, however, it has been dismissed as the judges believe there to be ‘no satisfactory explanation’ for filing the petetion after so long?!?!

Are they serious??? Maybe it has been sent as no effort has been made from the officials to adequately compensate the victims after such a long period of time. Maybe it is because children three generations on are still being born suffering from the effects of gas exposure.Maybe it is because of the new disaster that chemicals are seeping into the ground contaminating all the water sources…. Just maybe it is because its only a matter of time before the situation gets even worse!

This ruling is just another barrier in the fight for justice! But it will not stop us!

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